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>> Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blog is no longer active, will delete this blog soon
kindly link me at



>> Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hello peoples... i'm back after err, 2 or 3 months? due to some technical problem... its august now! time flies.. SPM is getting closer and for me is just like what-so-ever blah blah blah...ok fine my po po is suffering from stroke, and my parents were just busy taking care of her, they have no time to bother or take attention on whatever i did.. so lame right? so i'm kinda boring
School nowadays are kinda like rusting, corrossion blah blah blah... the point of goin to sch was not study and is eatin, playing a fool, make jokes, talking, sleeping plus do and talk opposite whatever teachers say... we're evil right? teachers force us to do so.... First, they told us 5s5 was the best class among all form 5 classes, then till now the scolded us 5s5 is hopeless! what the heck?  They so fake lah, they talk craps!
Teachers are not always correct, ad students are not always wrong.. Teachers, pls make up ur mind..
Yes, my bitrhday over liao... is a erm... joyful yet disappointed birthday... and yeah i took my undang test, and i pass ^^, is now waiting for the L license to come and so i can go for car practical as soon as possible, hope the date wont crash with my sch trial exam lah..
bye bye


>> Sunday, May 16, 2010



Me likey

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

Me here to update ma blog again... hahahah, long time no see huh....
Let pictures do the talking
Me love 5s5 basketball team.. haha, we gonna fight fight fight fight fight for the show!



>> Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey! is MAY man!

Is may everyone, how's your year twenty ten? April has been treating me bad, too bad i must say..i've learn nothing during lessons and my homework is getting worst! FML JUST KILL ME! I wan my ohm for study back!  So, what u ppl out there plan for mother's day celebration? a simple dinner? haha mother's day crash with ngo lou mou geh birthday! and fyi, i'm broke now.. totally broke! i spent all my money on useless thingy, no... i need to earn more from NN... readers, pls spam the NN logo by clicking them.. haha! and shit, i dunno what the hell happen to my tummy, i ate a lot this few days... my appetite big till scary, i told my mom i'm hugry after few mintues from lunch, and i beg her to bring me out for supper! She said i'm crazy and i'm following her to hospital tomorrow XD FML... she said i should have a whole clear body check, cause she feels i'm abnormal.. i don't care, i still will keep eating even tough the report or result shows something wrong on me.. BLEH.. Is fine what, the nurse in sch says i kurang berat, and the last time i went for hospital check up, Mr.lee also said i should increase a lil bit of my weight, hah! obviously, my weight increased! shame on me :D! i wan mac dee's breakfast so so so badly but no one is fetching me there, and no such service of delivery early in the morning.. Sigh, i'm born to make people around me happy, but who was born to make me happy? ha ha ha, yes i'm laughing, but u never know that i'm not laughing in my heart...i always try to ha sincerely, but my false appearance keep took over me, i can't really talk to people that i hate b4, yes lah although i said i din hate them anymore, but there is still a needle pooking ur heart when u talk to them... and to my friends, curiousity kills the cat, and it does! i swear not to ke po anymore! hou sam bei lui pek! ngo sau seng! heng!



>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

will be back at 17/5
march is here... mom's birthday, 2nd term exam, mother's day, teacher's day...
will slowly post out all the celebration.. brb!


Need u now

>> Monday, May 3, 2010

Lol, gonna tell u guys, the "siangtheng" at my chatbox there is not me.. lol not me! fml...
i wont be leavin and postin msg there for this few months.. so... not me lah! this few days really happened many things... so fed up with my unchanging lifestyle... and my phone was so quiet nowadays.. shit, where are u? where the hell u go when i need u? It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now....


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